Mark Francis Williams

Mark is an English artist who completed his Masters in Drawing and Painting at Chelsea School of Art, London. He has lived in Bucharest, Romania since 2005. He produces artworks across a wide variety of media including drawing, painting and assemblage. He is excited to be bringing his designs to a range of limited edition jackets and T-shirts.  His interests has been heavily influenced by the street aesthetics and architecture of city life. His work centres around concepts of control and disorder as well as the comic and the tragic. *

If you do a search on this artist on Google, you get a panel of images come up of some of his historical monotype work, which is what I’m most interested in.

Screen shot of Google search result

It is however, very difficult (at least it has been for me this past week or so) to find an actual working website that provides information on titles of works and processes. Mr. William’s Instagram page is where I sourced the following images:

Mr. Williams also produces fantastic assemblage /3D scenes and portraits.

Mark Francis Williams ‘ all the details (high and low)’ from Instagram
Mark Francis WIlliams ‘Issues’ from Instagram taglines #harry #princeharry #display #gem #statue #art #pedastel #gallery #contemporaryart

I have emailed him to see if I can get more information on his art, specifically his process for making monotypes I think his work is marvellous – it is very fluid and not confined to just one style or subject.


I received a reply from Mark today! He told me that there isn’t one particular process and he has used everything from printmaking, collage to drawing, charcoal, painting and inks etc. to create pieces. They are all made differently. He gave me a link to an article about his working art history. It is here:

His work is also featured in the book Make your Mark by Tristan Manco which I have earmarked to purchase at some point. Here is a screen shot of one of the pages devoted to Mark’s work:

Screen shot of section on Mark Francis Williams in the book Make your Mark by Tristan Manco

Bibliography (source for leading bio information) *

Instagram @markfranciswilliams (accesed 16/04/2021)

Amazon link for the book Make your Mark:

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