Personal reflection

How I am feeling at the moment.

I was really looking forward to UPM, even before I enrolled on this degree course, the UPM unit description appealed to me so much and I couldn’t wait to get the chance to start on it.     Whilst I am really enjoying monotype experimentation and feel this is something I will continue with going forward in my private practise, I am feeling somewhat at odds with this course and what I’m expected to do.   I can’t get a fix on it.  Isn’t that weird?!

I can be a right doubting thomas and struggle with confidence in my own strengths as an artist, this is the nature of the beast I expect, I am always over-critical of my stuff. So far, I haven’t produced work I am particularly proud of and I can’t understand why that is.  I know I have the technical ability to produce good work but those skills seem to be evading me at the moment.    I really hope I can improve considerably in forthcoming exercises.    The funny thing is I have already come up with a bunch of ideas for my final assignment piece!  Maybe that’s the problem, I’m trying to run before I can walk.  

2 thoughts on “Personal reflection

  1. I felt the same, it clicked for me after Assignment 2, and the very honest feedback from my Tutor. Good luck 🤞

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m enjoying the monotype section, which I’m working through now. Thanks Viv!

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